Proof of Progress on New Album…Backroads (un-mastered)

14 Jun

New Video: Live at Club Passim 5/5/11

7 May

Telluride Bluegrass Festival-Troubadour Competition Honorable Mention!

7 May

Well maybe it is time to move to Colorado…though I didn’t make it into the top 10 out of 500+ entries into the prestigious Troubadour competition I did receive an honorable mention leaving me in the top 5%. If I remember right from school, thats like getting an A…I’m cool with that! Really love the acceptance my music has had in the west and look forward to returning this summer!

Check out the finalists and more info at:

By the way Mai Bloomfield who is at the top of the list is one of the sweetest people in the scene today and a good friend…go support her if you are there!

Saturday May 7th (8pm) @ Mayo Street Portland!

3 May

What are you doing Saturday Night?

final touches ….

29 Apr

Recording Has Begun- Check the Video

14 Feb

Hey Y’all,
We’re doing it. One full day of recording has gone through and it is sounding fantastic! We’re laying some sweet tracks, getting a great sounds, and getting this thing going in a tangible way…recorded! I’ve been working with folks on parts including getting some killer choir going on! It’s gonna be magic.

As I headed in to the studio the first day I felt the force of all of you backers. It is an extremely cool feeling to know that so many people are already invested in this album…what better way to make sure that you nail it! I truly felt like we have all put our selves into this and I am so glad to not be going it alone! Thank you again for the donations and for those of you who have offered alternative ways to being involved…y’all mean the world to me and this project.

Next day of recording…tomorrow!

We’ve passed the goal!!!! And we’re still rolling!

3 Feb

Wooohooo! As of yesterday, we have passed the goal of raising $3,300! This is fantastic! Thank you all for being involved in this. It is a great feeling to have so many great people involved. Whether you are a $3 backer or $500 THANK YOU! I’m filled with a great feeling this morning as I write this message and am so excited that some 120 albums already have homes across the country…and it hasn’t even been recorded yet! I have been working very hard on the pre-production work and this fundraiser was a large part of that. So, thank you for sending this into orbit. As a reminded, your backing wont be charged until March 11th or so when the campaign is complete. At that point there will be an email that cruises out to get information on where to send rewards and such. The albums will hopefully be sent out in late May. Also, hopefully new people will continue to check out the campaign over the last 35 days and we can continue to pick away at the overall budget of the album and secure that every step of the way is done to the best it can be done! But the goal was reached and from here on out it just makes the project stronger! I have attached the video that I made about the t-shirts a few weeks ago so those of you who are in the t-shirt category know what is coming your way! Thank you again (you’ll here that more in the future too!) and I’d love for you to stay involved…you are my base!

New Album Donation Opportunity

17 Jan

So the energy has begun. Here is a chance to be a part of the movement to bring this new album into action. By donating through kickstarter you help make this album possible. Check out the video and also the kickstarter site…CLICK HERE!!!!!!!

17 Jan

New T-Shirts Are Available

6 Jan

The T-Shirts are in! I pressed them last night with a screen printing friend Carole McCarty (she is professional!) and I have a box of shirts now that I am excited to get out there. Right now I’m doing all sales through email and at shows. If you do and want to order one or a few I’d love to make that happen just email me ( and we’ll take it from there with checks or paypal. Shirts are $20 at a show or $25 to mail first class to your front door. Thanks for sharing in my excitement about these shirts and I’m sure it will look far better on you than in my closet! Be well.